Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sad news for Drastic Party Vintage....

Today another awesome vintage piece of clothing was found purposely ripped and left in the back of the store and is beyond repair. This is now the 4th piece this month alone.  All the other pieces were in the same condition, ripped down the back, or their zippers completely torn out.

Not only is this a waste of a one of kind vintage item, it is complete disrespect to myself and all the hard work I do to bring these items to you, a disrespect to the mall and the workers who try to accommodate everyone during their busy day and let you try things on.

So guess what???


A sign will be going up by the end of the week in all my booths.

***Furthermore, if anyone has information as to whom is committing these acts, or sees anyone stealing from my booth, please contact me here in Facebook ~ you will always remain anonymous, and there will be a reward if the person in question is found guilty***

It breaks my heart that some people think it's fun to destroy other peoples property, not to mention such great clothes I searched far and wide to acquire....


Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Blog!

You never know what you'll find driving around to yard sales and thrift stores, even the most funky place has it's gems, it's amazing ~ sometimes it just doesn't matter if you need it or not, or if it fits, or if you'll ever be that small again to wear it ~ you just need to save things sometimes and preserve them for future generations.

So I've started this blog to share with you all the great things I find (and keep like a little museum in my house) ~ it's the Magpie in me ; )